End of the Rainbow

Live Nation Unveils New Memorial Day Gorge Festival

Sasquatch Music Festival’s final year came to a close in 2018, but Live Nation was quick to promise a replacement for the popular Northwest fixture.

“Details will follow in the weeks to come, but put it in your calendars: May 24-25-26, 2019 will see a new generation of contemporary artists carry on the tradition at this iconic Northwest institution,” Live Nation said in January, teasing at the new festival.

Now, we officially have the name of Sasquatch’s spiritual successor: End of the Rainbow.

Like Sasquatch, End of the Rainbow will take place over Memorial Day Weekend, running from May 24-26 this year.

Trippy artwork and a psychedelic aesthetic point to a similar vibe of the festival that it’s replacing, but we won’t know for sure until more details are released.

That information is still pending. For now, Twitter and Instagram accounts for the festival are all we have in terms of clues.

In terms of the kind of artists that will be featured on the lineup, it’s worth noting that none other than Bassnectar himself retweeted the festival’s announcement.



It’s obviously far from an official announcement, but it’s intriguing nonetheless as we begin to form theories.