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EmazingLights & iHeartRaves announce “Rave Superstore” for EDC 2014

iHearttRaves EDC Store

You have just arrived in Las Vegas and are ready to begin your Electric Daisy Carnival adventure when you quickly realize something: “OH NO, I FORGOT MY GLOVES.” You wonder how in the world you ever left your house without your most precious item, and slowly tears stream down your face. After all, where on the Las Vegas strip are you likely to find a store where you can pick one up? Well, we have excellent news for those who may end up in need. Whether you’ve forgotten your favorite LED accessories, your fuzzy backpack or your furry boot covers, this year on the Las Vegas strip you are in luck!

EmazingLights glove trails

Don’t be caught in Vegas for EDC week without your gloves!

Whether you’re an avid glover or a “pretty rave girl,” it is highly likely you have purchased something from iHeartRaves or EmazingLights. These popular online stores feature rave wear and accessories, including everything from LED toys to tutus to their famous stash underwear. Lucky for us all, they have just announced that they will be featuring a “rave superstore” together during EDC week in Las Vegas!

iHeartRaves outfit

iHeartRaves has everything you need for your entire look!

This 2,500 square feet electronic dance music superstore will be located in Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas strip from Thursday, June 19th to Saturday, June 22nd. The massive store will feature appearances by EmazingLights glovers (such as Gummy from the EmazingLights gloving crew), meet and greet opportunities with various EDC artists, and events such as Thursday Night Lights. While in Vegas, any purchase made at the store will be complimented by a free gift, and anyone who RSVPs to the event and makes a purchase will get an exclusive VIP gift. The store will be on the 2nd floor of the casino next to The Spa, and isn’t something you’ll want to miss.

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