Trend Alert: EDM-Infused Yoga Takes Over Los Angeles and Korea

Up dog, down dog, headbang, shuffle. We never thought that this day would come but, the world of EDM has collided with the spiritual world of yoga. The new fitness program, Flight, is a fusion of the beats we love and the moves that heal us.

Even though going to a rave is a workout on its own and we see many yoga sessions at festivals, Sydney Benner decided to take it to the next level. She created a 60-minute workout with live dance music incorporating yoga. She changed the stereotypical relaxing calming yoga to an upbeat butt-kicker. Up-and-coming artist DJ Bad Ash is currently the one in charge of providing the hottest hits for the yogis.

If you love dance music and hate working out, this might be the ultimate motivator for you. We all love to dance, but making a workout out of it? Yes, please. Flight is now available in Los Angeles and Korea. We cannot wait for it to come to the PNW.

For all the EDM loving yogis out there, would you ever try EDM yoga? Is there something like this in Seattle we don’t know about yet? Let us know in the comments below!