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Doing The Math: EDC Las Vegas By the Numbers

This June, while some of us will be living vicariously through the EDC Las Vegas live stream and finishing our Paradiso prep, others will be enjoying things firsthand. No matter how involved you’ll be in Electric Daisy Carnival this year, maybe these numbers gathered by Rukkus will convince you to start saving up for next year!

With each passing year since the festival’s 1997 conception in LA, Pasquale Rotella and his team at Insomniac Events continue to outdo themselves. The stage designs, lineups, rides, and performers continue to get bigger and more impressive, and the attendance rates reflect that. EDC Las Vegas hosts more attendees than Electric Zoo, Hangout, Bonnaroo, and Firefly combined. But attendance aside, there’s so much valuable information here.

One of the most notable numbers is $11.66, the average price per artist if you see 10 artists per day on a $349 GA 3 Day pass. Compare that $349 to the $1189 it would cost to see seven top acts individually and EDC starts to sound more and more economical (well, as economical as hundreds of thousands of ravers let loose in Las Vegas can be). In 2014, the EDC crowd spent over $152M in Vegas on food, drinks, and hotels. Not a bad haul for a weekend’s work, huh?

For $11.66 per artist, will you be last-minute joining us under the electric sky? If not, maybe you should saving up for EDC Las Vegas next year!

EDC By the Numbers

EDC2015infographicSource: Rukkus