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“Eclipse” and “Sally” Released Off Of Hardwell’s Upcoming Album

Hardwell, a 27 year old world recognized DJ, has started 2015 off right for Seattle. First, he headlined USC’s Resolution 2015 and has now released not one, but two proper progressive house tracks.  Eclipse, one of the tracks released, contains no vocals and starts out with a slow progression from dark to dance-y. Sally, the other track released, aims to captivate listeners with the scandalous lyrics and voice of Harrison.

These two new tracks couldn’t have come at a better time, as the anticipation of Hardwell’s new album, United We Are, continues to grow. United We Are is poised to be the album of 2015. We’re excited to see what fans think of Hardwell’s newest tracks, Eclipse and Sally. 

Whether you prefer lyrics or not, Eclipse or Sally is bound to appease your earbuds, possibly even both! Did you like or dislike one track more than the other? Let us know by commenting below!