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EC Twins & Bass Kleph Join Forces With Black Boots, Create Summer Anthem “Love Won’t Kill Us”

EC Twins and Bass Kleph, hailing from the UK and Australia respectively, have put their talents together to collaborate with a new name in dance music, Black Boots. Black Boots describes themselves as such:

A couple of weird 90s kids pursuing dream of never working a real job. Living for the party, the women, and the free food on our DJ rider, come from the ghettos of Las Vegas and are tired of seeing David Guetta’s face on the billboard coming out of their backyard.

With the unique styles of EC Twins, Bass Kleph and Black Boots coming together, we get something like Love Won’t Kill Us. The progressive house track brings an uplifting melody as well as catchy lyrics that would make some even consider Love Won’t Kill Us as a summer anthem of 2014. Let us know what you think of What Love Won’t Kill Us by EC Twins, Bass Kleph and Black Boots below and give us your thoughts!