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What The Festival Wants You To Earn (Not Buy) Your 2017 Ticket

Though it may seem like summer is as far away as it can be as we trudge through this frozen winter, it always comes sooner than we think. And that means it is time to start deciding what festivals you plan on attending, volunteering at, or promoting. And that also means you have to start thinking about how to *pay* for all those festivals.

If you’re not flush with cash, but still insistent on getting out this year, you should have your eye on What The Festival. There are many ways you can get involved, such as bringing a food cart, teaching classes, selling your own creations, or becoming an ambassador. The best thing about becoming an ambassador is that you can earn your ticket to What The Festival, and earn even more perks along the way!

What The Festival gets you out of your everyday routine but in a much smaller setting than something like EDC or Paradiso. There are art exhibits through out the festival, a hookah lounge, classes, dance performances, tea samples and more. It truly is a festival that you can make your own.

To become an ambassador you first have to apply through their website. Once you are on their ambassador team you can earn points by selling tickets, hanging posters, passing out flyers, and posting on your social media pages. You can earn points for a weekend pass, early entry, early entry for 3 of your friends, OMG pass, Boutique Camping and more. You just have to start spreading the word about  What The Festival.

If you are looking for some cool ways to get some perks this summer for using your social media accounts and spreading the word about an awesome festival, look into becoming an ambassador. If What The Festival doesn’t seem like the right festival for you, look into other ways you can save yourself some money by volunteering or promoting other festivals around. We believe there’s always a way to make it work.

Know any other festivals that do cool programs like What The Festival? Let us know!