Driftmoon Steps Outside Trance To Orchestrate Masterful ‘(R)Evolution’

Say you purchased one of your favorite artists’ newest album. You expect to hear a certain sound. It’s something you’ve waited a long time for. You put it in your CD player, or find it on your favorite streaming service, since this is 2016, and buying physical CDs isn’t much of a thing anymore. “Let’s do this!” you say to yourself as you push play. The first song comes on. Euphoria rises. A few seconds later, your eyebrows raise. “Woah. What is this?!” Could be in a good way. Could be in a bad way. Either way, your mind gets blown by an unexpected sound. Ever experience this?

Context. When it comes to orchestral trance, Juraj Klicka, better know as Driftmoon, is one of the best DJ/producers around. With releases on Black Hole Recordings, Armada Music, Future Sound of Egypt and more, some of Driftmoon’s best tracks start with hard hitting beats before entering somewhat of an interlude. Listen for yourself:

These interludes, often melodic in nature, are what make these tracks unique. One moment you’re bouncing, or nodding your head. The next your ears are being soothed by beautiful, uplifting sounds. Violins, pianos, angelic voices, and fancy instruments with fancier names. All singing gently in your ear. Then it’s back to up-tempo. It’s not the most popular formula in trance nowadays, but if you want your spirits elevated, Driftmoon audio makes for a good remedy.

So when Driftmoon announced plans for a new studio album earlier this year, curiosity kicked in. How much orchestra will be in it? Who will feature, if any? Will we hear familiar up-tempo? When the album, titled (R)Evolution, dropped last month, the play button on Spotify was quickly sought after. “Let’s do this!”. A few seconds later…”Woah. What is this?!”. Yes. (R)Evolution lead to mind getting blown.