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Don Diablo and Hilda Dedicate New Track “Wake Me When It’s Quiet” to Avicii

The music community felt a huge loss with the recent passing of, Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii. He did amazing things for EDM and our community. After his passing many people paid their respects to the talented artist, and all around loved person.

Two artists turned to their art: Don Diablo and Hilda Stenmalm created a song in remembrance of Tim Bergling, and the loss and love they felt is through out the song. Wake Me When It’s Quiet shows that Hilda Stenmalm felt a lot by the death of Avicii, and decided to put it into words, which she then shared with Don Diablo. Don Diablo put music it to, and from there they created a beautiful song for a beloved dance music icon taken from us far too soon.

They saw a need, and a sadness that many people were feeling, and were able to help their own pain, along with helping others. All the royalties of the song will be donated to a charity in Sweden that help young people with mental problems.

Check it out below and take care of each other.