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Don Diablo Releases New Sci-Fi Track “Echoes”

Don Diablo recently came out with a new track, and the science fiction meets dance music meets Imogen Heap has us hooked. Echoes was recently released along with a music video and the response has been awesome. The track was made for the closing credits of a new science fiction movie, Kill Switch.

Echoes features Don Diablos own vocals and even has him playing drums. He was asked by the director to make a closing song for Kill Switch and we are so glad he did. The track is not meant to be a club banger. There are no drops, but rather a beautiful new sound from Don Diablo that we are happy he explored.

“When I was approached to make the theme song for the first ever sci-fi film set in my hometown Amsterdam, I immediately said yes. The project had been over six years in the making so I wanted to do it justice and also saw this as an opportunity to show another, more personal, side of myself. After several discussions with director Tim Smit about the film I locked myself in the studio for several days in a row and eventually walked out with “Echoes”. Though the record is solely intended for use in the film it’s actually now got a special place in my live shows as well. The track will be added to my forthcoming album on all platforms at a later date. For now I decided to put the focus and spotlight on the release of the video, since the film is such an essential part to the final project. In the music video you can also get a little taste of my forthcoming liveshow.”

He was recently giving praise to his fans for being so open to the new sound. It is awesome to see a DJs work in a different medium. We think as dance music grows, DJs will be doing more projects different from what we know them for.

It is great to see Don Diablo doing new things and receiving such a positive response. Make sure to check out the track and music video, and let us know what you think.