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Don Diablo Cancels Ultra Performances After Being Disrespected

We hate to be the ones to break the news to you, but if you haven’t yet heard, Don Diablo will no longer be playing at Ultra. This goes for ones that have already been announced as well.

Recently, Don Diablo and his team were traveling to Ultra Singapore, and when their plane was slightly delayed (which is, of course, out of their control), they received some unpleasant text messages. Because of the delay Don Diablo was only able to play a 30-minute set, and though the fans were happy they at least got to see him for that, Ultra on the other hand, wasn’t feeling as optimistic.

Don Diablo, his tour manager, and production manager took to Facebook to send a message out to his fans to let them know what was going on. Meanwhile, his tour manager said that they received some text messages saying that they “weren’t really welcome anymore,” and most of all they “weren’t getting paid for the show.”

Don Diablo mentioned that this was not his first bad experience with Ultra. He went on to say that even our favorite DJs have had bad experiences, but DJs were nervous to speak up. Maybe Don Diablo speaking up will cause others to do the same. In the past when one speaks up, others get the courage and do as well. It has happened with sexism in the industry many times. This may be the case with Ultra too. Only time will tell.

We understand that there are always two sides to every story, but we are sad that Don Diablo’s Ultra run had to end like this. If you need somewhere else to perform Don, you can always make your way to the Pacific Northwest!