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DMNW Presents: “Thicker Than Thieves,” A Fundraiser for Timbre Room

Dance Music Northwest invites you to Kremwerk this Saturday, April 21st, for Thicker Than Thieves: A Fundraiser for Timbre Room. The event features performances from local luminaries like HYDEF, Jaderade, Julia Planet Disco, Mike Devlin, Sean Majors, And Tollefson.

The event is only a $10 minimum donation at the door, however you can donate as much you feel inspired to. If you can’t make the event, but you want to support Timbre Room anyway, you can also throw them a donation directly through Dance Music Northwest. 100% of your donation goes to Timbre Room.



On April 3rd, some fucking thieves decided they needed Timbre Room’s sound system and gear more than the Timbre Room did. Around 4 am, a group of masked individuals (cowards) broke in and stole thousands of dollars of musical equipment, invading a safe place we’ve all come to love. The assailants also tried to break into neighboring Kremwerk and Little Maria’s Pizza. Unfortunately, the perpetrators haven’t been caught, and none of the equipment has been recovered.

In response to this terrible situation, Kremwerk has partnered with Dance Music Northwest and the Timbre Room to throw a fundraiser to help recover some of the losses. On April 21st, Thicker than Thieves will be a one-time charity event designed to raise money for equipment replacements – and to show the assholes that did this our music community is strong and our nightlife family is tight.

One of the most exceptional parts of the Northwest music scene is the fact that everyone helps support each other. Sometimes along the way, we will see someone struggle, but that is the time we really show the world what we’re made of. Spare anything you can and let’s continue to curate one of the best music scenes the country has ever known.