Inside the Strange Phenomenon of DJ’s Plants on Twitter

There’s an army out there; it’s growing, it’s green, and it loves water. But this army isn’t the freshly legal Canadian cannabis industry. It’s not anyone you know; it’s not even human. This is the #PlontArmy, an army of sentient plants owned by artists.

These awakened plants are nothing short of a miracle. There’s no way to be sure just how these plants became intelligent, but we know where it began. The first member of the #PlontArmy came to be last January, on Twitter.

It wasn’t long before they started organizing; San Holo’s plant recruited one owned by Dabin, currently known as Dabin’s Plant. The new recruit had a chilling message for the rest of the Twitterverse…

The purple hued plant from Ekali’s first Awakening mix appears to have achieved sentience. This awakened being spends much of it’s days asking for water and standing up for plant rights. It even has a philanthropic tendency.

That’s not even all of them; the Plont Army has member with some of the most innovative talent in modern EDM. REZZ, Said The Sky, Hotel Garuda, Mothica and Porter Robinson all have a sentient seedling.

Whether or not this alleged army will takeover the EDM scene remains unclear. Is it just artist hijinks? Probably, but it’s nice to know that artists can have fun too, while creating a fun interaction with their fans on social media.

Which artist’s plant would you like to hear from? What would you ask them? Let us know on Twitter, @DanceMusicNW!