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What’s the Deal With DJ Aliases (and a Huge List of Them)

DJs have more aliases than a secret agent, and in today’s market, having a few different projects in the works has become an explosive trend; hardcore music fans have made it clear to their beloved artists that they prefer seeing a separate alias for tracks that are of different sounds/genres.

But, not all artists have their monikers for the same reason. There are quite a few situations in which an artist might assume an alter ego:

1. Their original name was not marketable when they started to gain in popularity and a better sounding name was chosen by and/or for them.

2. They have changed their sound and/or genre entirely, putting the old one to bed.

3. They have decided to expand their sound. Not necessarily ditching the old, but making room for the new. This is to avoid confusion among the more avid fans. Each style gets own individual respect and admiration for what it is.  

4. To test out a new sound anonymously.

5. Because it’s a trendy gimmick.

Though a lot of musicians have been operating under multiple stage names for decades, in EDM there are so many aliases that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Though it has boded well for many artists, some are catching flack for it. W&Ws new “trance” alias NYWR was not met with open arms from the trance community. This is not to say that it was a total flop, but many felt it was a last minute bandwagon to capitalize on the current rise in trance music popularity once again. Having their origins in trance music and slowly moving away with the name W&W left fans confused as to why they left in the first place. It’s a whole other can of worms when discussing the multiple side projects of someone like Eric Prydz. Still a bit controversial for some, but met with many open arms.

Here is a list of some DJs and their aliases! Though some are obvious, others may come as a shock to you!

  • Maceo Plex – Maetrik
  • Green Velvet – Cajmere
  • Richie Hawtin – Plastikman
  • Avicii – Tim Berg
  • Armin – Gaia, Rising Star
  • Ferry Corsten – System F
  • Marcus Shulz – Dakota
  • Deadmau5 – helcyon441, test pilot, Karma K
  • Mat Zo – MRSA, MRZO & unripemelon
  • Tydi – Wish I was & Tyson Diorr
  • Steve Angelo – Mescal Kid
  • RL Grime – Clock Work
  • Feed Me – Spor
  • Arty – Alpha 9
  • Jordan Suckley – 3fect
  • Paul Van dyk- Aeon
  • W&W – NYWR
  • Eric Prydz – AxEr, A&P Project, Cirez D, Dukes of Sluca, Groove System, Hardform, Pryda, Moo, Sheridan, Tonja Holma, Fiol Lasse
  • Bassnectar – Lorin Ashton, DJ Lorin
  • Rusko – Chris Mercer, Rusko Banton
  • Noisia – Nightwatch, Drifter, Hustle Athletics, Frizz, Zonderling, De Huilende Rappers
  • Diplo – Diplodocus, Wes Gully
  • Martin Garrix – GRX, YTRAM
  • Don Diablo – Origin Unknown, 2 Faced
  • Oliver Helden’s – Hi Lo
  • Duke Dumont – Blaise Boys Club (alias and label name)
  • Alan Walker – Walkzz
  • Dannic: Funkadelic, Brainless
  • Porter Robinson – Virtual Self, ekowraith.
  • Paul Oakenfold – Perfecto, Electra
  • John O’ Callaghan – JOC (Joint Operation Center), Mannix, Henrik Zuberstein
  • Gareth Emery – GTR, Rue DeGar, Runaway
  • Orijan Nielsen – DJ Governor, Orion, DJ SL

What DJ aliases did we miss that you love the most!? Let us know in the comments.