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Disney’s Latest In Their EDM Foray? “Levels”

Disney has been under fire lately for treating some of the better-known artists very fairly. While some of them are refusing to do Disney’s building, others seem to not have a problem being friendly with the mouse. The latest addition to Disney’s adventures in EDM is the new game Fantasia: Music Evolved which features Avicii’s Levels during one of the games, well, levels. Deadmau5’s contributions were previously sought for the game, but it doesn’t look like these mice will be playing together anytime soon. In the meantime it’s good to have Avicii fresh in our minds while he focuses on his health.

The game itself looks quite interesting, with players using motions similar to those used by Mickey in his sorcerer role in the original Fantasia to create sounds along with the track playing in the background. It’s a bit like Dance Dance Revolution, which we know is popular with one of our other favorite artists. With the earlier albums Tron Legacy: Reconfigured,  DConstructed, Flux Pavilion’s take on the Star Wars: Rebels theme song, and now this game it’s clear that Disney is going for a piece of the EDM cash cow. Like other interesting power plays in the EDM world it will be interesting to watch how this progresses, make sure to keep your eyes on DMNW for what happens and why you should care.