The French Drum & Bass (and everything in between) trio made up of Charly, Pho and Pitchin, also known as The Dirtyphonics, have released a banger. No strangers to dropping massive tracks, the group looks to continue their streak with their latest EP Night Ride. With the title track not even a day old it’s already seen over 40,000 plays at the time of this article. Debuting on Borgore’s Buygore Records, the EP is a perfect example of what The Dirtyphonics are capable of. Blending Drum & Bass, Dubstep and everything in between, it’s already become one of our favorite releases of the year.

Kicking it off with an epic, orchestrated intro leading to a bangin’ Drumstep anthem, the title track Night Ride sets the pace. This track is 100% the signature Dirtyphonics sound we’ve come to know and love. Rounding out the middle of the three track release is a collaboration with Virtual Riot called Beat Dem Up. The two come together for a combination of sounds both new and old, creating a track we expect to hear plenty of this summer. Slowing it down a bit and closing us out is  Lost in Your Love. The final track shows just how much range the guys have and a clear ability to create something for everyone.

The Night Ride EP, although only three tracks long, is a perfect example of why anyone would call themselves a Dirtyphonics fan. The trio proudly state this is their most progressive release to date as they push themselves and the boundaries of their genre. We look forward to what the guys have in store for the rest of the year and hope to see them popup on a few festival lineups as well as…COUGH…Shambhala. If you caught them at all last year on their Neckbreacker Tour, you’ll know why we need to see them again. Let us know what you think about the Night Ride EP in the comments below!