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The End Of Major Lazer? Diplo Says Next Album “Could Be The Last”

Major Lazer has been bringing their particular brand of dancehall and global music to festivals the world over for the past decade. Their music can be heard blowing up the radio, across nightclubs, and dropped into countless festival sets. The brainchild of Diplo and Walshy Fire, Major Lazer pioneered a new type of sound; taking global music and mixing it with popular EDM basslines, all with a catchy hook.

However, all good things must come to an end. When an artist has been a part of something that spans such a lengthy amount of time, it usually indicates a need to move on to greener pastures. In an interview with ComplexDiplo revealed an upcoming album commemorating the last ten years of Major Lazer. The album will showcase, “a bunch of stuff you haven’t heard like that we made the last ten years. Next year marks our last album, so we got a lot of stuff in between now and then.”

WHAT? THE END OF MAJOR LAZER? That will truly be an end of an era.

The reason for the imminent end of Major Lazer is in large part due to Diplo’s crazy busy schedule with his two other side projects. He’s teamed up with Mark Ronson for the project known as Silk City. Then teamed up with Sia and Labrinth to create LSD. Of which both groups have been seeing rapid and dramatic success.

To understand the phenomenon that is Diplo, one has to examine his career as a whole. It is not a sentient being, it’s an evolution of the man himself and evolution evokes change. Artists have to move forward to remain relevant. While Major Lazer still manages to create tracks that kick and gain popularity seemingly overnight, it’s static success is perpetuated entirely by Diplo.

So when you’re listening to Major Lazer, Silk City or LSD just ask yourself “what would Diplo do?” and the answer is a resounding “whatever the hell he wants.”