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Is Dillon Francis’ Latin Shift a Good Move?

Dillon Francis is gearing up for the release of his new Latin influenced album. All of the tracks released so far are a perfect combination of his own distinct style and reggaeton flair. With no release date yet, we’re left anticipating the full album, and speculating what’s to come.

In interviews with Spotify and Billboard, Dillon Francis identified his moombahton roots as the album’s inspiration. He specifically reminisces on Que Que off of his Westside EP. This track is a collaboration with Diplo and Maluca, who’s best known for her fusions of bachata, merengue, and other Afro-latin music  with American popular styles.

The upcoming album certainly promises to retain the same collaborative elements. Ven, the first single released, features Arcangel and Quimico Ultra Mega. It’s a fun fusion of reggaeton, hip hop, and Francis’ classic production style. The single that followed was “We the Funk,” yet another collaboration with Fuego, a merengue artist currently signed to Pitbull’s label. Sexo, featuring Residente and iLe, and BaBaBa (Vete Pa’Ya), featuring Young Ash, are the most recent teaser singles off the album. All four songs are extremely contrasting, potentially hinting at a diverse full album.

Questions about whether or not this album will be a good move for Francis remains. Thus far, We the Funk has seen success on the Billboard Latin charts, peaking at #26 in March. Sexo remains on Spotify’s ¡Viva Latino! playlist, indicating his success with Latin audiences. Dillon Francis has stated that he hopes to bring moombahton to his usual fans as well, but only time will tell how successful that mission is.

What are your hopes for the new album? Do you think this shift is a good move? Let us know in the comments!