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Didrick & Ember Island’s Chilling “Sad Machine” Cover Brings The Tears

Porter Robinson’s Worlds was arguably one of the most beautiful albums released this year. An expertly composed collection, inspired by Japanese culture and nostalgic video games, Worlds takes listeners on an otherworldly journey. Porter has said that Sad Machine is one of his favorites on the album. If you thought it couldn’t get any better, Didrick and Ember Island team up for an acoustic rendition of Sad Machine that will undoubtedly get all up in your feels.

Produced and arranged by Didrick, the track is a game-changer for the young musician and has definitely placed him on the map. Swedish indie band Ember Island delivers chilling vocals to the rework, giving us a soulful take on Porter’s lyrics that the original robotic vocaloid was lacking. While Didrick and Ember Island may not be household names as of yet, we at Dance Music Northwest are excited to see what will come of these artists.

It doesn’t hurt that Porter himself is quite impressed with the cover.


Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think! Did Didrick and Ember Island’s cover of Sad Machine make you tear up like it did for us? Comment down below, on Facebook or shoot us a Tweet!