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Delve Into The Dark Arts With These 7 Deadly & Sexy Acts


The darkness is calling you – begging you to turn from the bright and colorful world of EDM and into it’s back rooms; the hidden corners; the dim-lit hallways and crawl spaces of electronic music that can just as powerfully evoke your emotions, but from an entirely different angle. We want to introduce you to a different side of our personalities, one that you may very well be in tune with, you just don’t know it yet.

We’re sharing with you 7 of our darkest-kept secrets; the artists who have wrenched their jagged sounds into the heart of our existence, leaving it  there to remain and fester through the haunting season. So tread lightly – the dark arts are nothing to underestimate, and your eternal soul may just be what is sacrificed. But you also might find, as we have, that the darkness is exactly where you want to be.