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Professor Deadmau5? Joel To Teach ‘Masterclass’ Production Series

The Professor is in, turn on the strobe lights

Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) is probably one of the most recognizable DJs in the world. His brand is well known by anyone who listens to electronic music, and his talent as an audio engineer is almost unanimously considered to be the best in the world. Now Joel wants to share what he has learned with you by partnering with MasterClass to teach anyone in the production world.

Maybe you have hit a rut in your production or you’re just curious about Joel’s method; this MasterClass is well worth it. It’s not your typical mundane Youtube instructional video. This is Deadmau5 taking decades of trial and error in analog and digital production and synthesizing it down into a digestible series of more than 20 classes for a one time fee of $90. If you want to take this MasterClass (and you should), you can pre-register now for the winter 2016 classes.

“My MasterClass is a no bullshit look into what it takes to make great music, and it’s not just buying millions of dollars worth of gear. I’m going to show my students how to play with sounds and mix melodies they can share with the world. I’ve never done something at this depth before.”

MasterClass has hosted a myriad of other influential luminaries across many professions to provide a wealth of knowledge in different fields. If you want to be a better actor, you can take a class with Kevin Spacey. Want to be a better singer, Christina Aguilera has you covered. No matter what you are looking to improve upon, MasterClass lives up to their name and offers a lot of different classes on what you love and taught by masters in that field.

Have you taken a MasterClass before? We’d love to hear your thoughts below!