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Deadmau5 to feature Rob Swire Collaboration on Upcoming EP Mau5ville: Level 1

Joel Zimmerman, aka deadmau5 is known for one thing: being unpredictable. He’s brought us surprise albums, has been outspoken about the music industry, and even hosted a coffee run video series. Joel likes to keep people on their toes and his upcoming 10-track EP is a testament to this.

Mau5ville: Level 1 is an EP featuring some mau5trap alums such as Rinzen, ATTLAS, and Latroit as well as a much anticipated collaboration between Rob Swire and Deadmau5 marking their first session since Ghosts N Stuff was released many moons ago. Monophobia is definitely the most talked about track from the EP.

However, Mau5ville also boasts some unexpected names from the bass community. The album will feature GTA as well as Getter. With such prolific names working on Mau5ville one thing remains certain, it will be both unpredictable and well-produced. Expect a lot of heavy basslines, strong vocals, and deadmau5’s signature progressive house drops with a bass flair from Getter and GTA.

You can preorder Mau5ville on iTunes this upcoming Friday the 13th. Reserve your copy right away and find out for yourself why deadmau5 is still the king of all things unexpected.

Listen to the preview of Monophobia below and sound off in the comments what you think about the upcoming release and the track!