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Dancesafe to Host #WeLoveConsent with Ana Sia, Space Jesus, and More

A mere two weeks after numerous rape allegations were made against Datsik, React Detroit and Dancesafe are holding an event in Detroit called #WeLoveConsent. A Dancesafe program with the same name is launching soon, and they’re aiming to tear down the walls of rape culture that has so many survivors suffering in silence.

Sadly, a number of Datsik’s fans made remarks intended to place the blame on the survivors and not on the artist himself. In the words of Dancesafe: “Victim blaming is dangerous because it creates an environment in which it’s that much harder to come forward and report abuse.”

The fact is, false accusations of sexual assault happen rarely, and they aren’t without consequence. In addition, there’s a false (and dangerous) belief that men cannot be the victims of sexual assault. As if that weren’t enough, bystander intervention is also quite rare.

All of the artists on this lineup publicly pledged to receive bystander intervention training from Good Night Vancouver.

The lineup features an equal amount of male and female artists. 100% of the proceeds from each ticket will go to Dancesafe to help fund their new #WeLoveConsent program. This show is the first of many steps in the right direction.

#WeLoveConsent will be at the Magic Stick in Detroit on March 31st. Tickets are $25 each (not including service fees). You can purchase tickets to the event here.

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