Maggie MacPherson

Cumberland Village Works Announces “Cumberland Wild:” A New Festival for Comox Valley

Something wild this way comes.

Once again, Cumberland – cultural centre of the Comox Valley – is cooking up a lively, full-of-fun, music festival. This one focuses even more on original Canadian content. The inaugural Cumberland Wild will unfold in the heart of the village over the Aug. 18-19 weekend. It’s spotlight is squarely on live acts, but full of a number of turntable “bass-heavy masters.”

“We’re totally excited to be doing something new and different,” says Avigdor Schulman of Cumberland Village Works. “It’s going to be such a party.”

Shulman and Ben Howells of Mt. Eliah Presents co-produced the celebrated and revered festivals Big Time Out and Atmosphere Gathering, as well as many smaller events. “The legendary Cumberland kick-ass musical legacy continues to evolve,” said Howells.

“Over the years, those two impresarios have brought to Cumberland countless bands and DJs of such superlative fame and quality that one would not expect to see play in such an intimate-size festival,” says Jamie Bowman, media coordinator of Cumberland Wild.

The last two years of Atmosphere showcased more live music than electronic, but this event promises even more.

“Small town, big sound,” said Howells, who promises the Wild will be a “live-music-driven event,” and an “extremely intriguing new production,” featuring a “gritty hometown feel.”

The full line-up will be rolling out April 4, but so far Cumberland Wild named a number of famed acts, including Elliot Brood, Five Alarm Funk, Bend Sinister, Kitty and the Rooster, Astrocolor, and Pack AD. Plus bass-heavy beats from Cheshire, Moontricks, Defunk, and DJ Murge.

“Precision production, world-class talent, a legendary village,” said Howells. “It’s what we’ve got.”

More details to follow as they come, but it’s certainly exciting to see a new festival in the north island side of things!

What do you think? Any one planning on heading to this-first time festival? Share your thoughts in the comments!