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Crowd Control: It’s Not The Music, It’s You

The connection dance music fans have to their favorite sub-genres is something every music fan can relate to, and so is the seemingly endless snobbery between them. Historic riffs between Rock and Disco are well documented, Hip-Hop and Country fans don’t often pal-around, and everyone is wondering what the hell is going on with the new kid: EDM. A quick look inside EDM reveals a lot more of the same; unnecessarily negative sentiments, with no logical or factual backing, between fans of certain sub-genres.

One of the reasons that dance music is so easy to enjoy, and has attracted such a following, is the many ways in which we can enjoy a variety of what many call ‘dance music’. Countless sub-genres are created on a regular basis, and if anyone looks hard enough, they can find a type of dance music that suits them.

We all enjoy our favorite types of music more than the rest. Our adoration for these genres can draw us to more great artists, labels, festivals and more, where we can surround ourselves with the music we love. As EDM has grown, the opportunities to do just that, with specific sounds and styles, has grown as well. Whether a local show is more fitting, or a festival is all that will do, there are plenty of genre-dedicated shows for any type of dance music fan.

Even a cursory look around the Northwest shows more than a handful of shows that even the snobbiest of fans can enjoy. Events like Safe In Sound and Bass Academy have treated Bassheads to hours of headbanging glory, while Bliss gave the Seattle Trance Family a Dreamstate of their own. Toss in the incredible local shows taking place year-round, and the regular, major festivals put on quarterly by USC Events, and there isn’t much to complain about.

Yet, we do. A lot. Whether it’s about the ‘vibes’, the people at the show, or the music itself, people seem to think that their favorite genres and shows are what’s best for everyone. Any disagreements with those feelings are generally welcomed with more negativity, and less legitimate discourse. We’ve seen it from the Bassheads, the Trance family, and fans from many other genres, and we’re over it.

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