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Crespo And Landis “Tear The Roof Up” With High Energy Remix

Crespo and Landis, two Florida DJs that have individually been rising steadily in the world of dance music, have collaborated again on their latest track. Alesso’s original track  Tear The Roof Up was given a little bit of a twist by Crespo and Landis.

We heard Alesso’s Tear The Roof Up and decided it needed some funk! Over the course of a week we put together a really cool lead sound that made the drop sound crazy, from there we added our signature Melbourne bounce bassline. From there we decided to add a piano riff on the breakdown to make it a bit more musical and dark. It was such a seamless and quick project, and the track has been playing out amazing!

The two individual DJs join together quite often to collaborate on tracks. With each project, their end results dramatically increase. Each beat is better than the last! Give Crespo and Landis’ remix of Tear The Roof Up a listen. Let us know if the track plays out amazingly for you as well!

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