Craig Connelly "Elevate" Music Video

Heavy Metal, Trance Come Together In Craig Connelly’s Latest ‘Elevate’

"Right Here Is How We'll Make A Stand, And Elevate As One"

Today’s political climate is rather turbulent to say the least. With tensions rising across the globe over threats of war, immigration reform, unbalanced economies and more, we’re entering a time of uncertainty. Protests have become an almost daily occurrence, some more peaceful than others. Just this last Monday, here in Seattle and Portland, thousands took to the streets to make their voices heard as part of May Day: A day of political marches marred by violence in recent years. Also making a stand against the establishment? Famed trance DJ/producer Craig Connelly and English heavy metal vocalist Renny Carroll.

An unlikely meeting of worlds, the two artists joined forces to create Elevate, the latest single off One Second Closer, Connelly’s debut studio album. Featuring an uplifting, progressive melody and Carroll’s gritty vocals, Elevate calls for its listeners to make a stand and “elevate as one.” “We want the world to be as one. We got the power to see it done,” Carroll strongly proclaims throughout the track. Elevate‘s message is taken a step further with last week’s release of the track’s music video, available below.

A music video portraying a political revolution is a rarity in trance, let alone electronic dance music. However, Elevate‘s visual story is just that. Shot entirely in black and white, Connelly and friends don bandanas and, led by an emotionally charged Carroll, come together to destroy posters saying “resist change”, “give up”, “obey” and other words meant to silence a society.

The combination of music and visuals helps create an uplifting trance anthem of a new kind, and not one that focuses on mending heart break, promoting a unified global movement for change. As the world becomes increasingly edgier it seems, it’ll be interesting to see if more artists, from all genres, promote the same goal through song, and video, too.

What do you think about the song and video? Will you join Craig Connelly‘s revolution?