When it comes to DJ tables, the industry has been transitioning from more or less an analog system of records and needles to digital systems. The advancements have definitely made it easier for the modern DJ to orchestrate a set with mp3 music files and visual mixers like Serato. This transition has been greeted with excitement and criticism alike because some feel that we are losing the very things that make a talented DJ. But if you’re a DJ looking to make your own niche and stand out in the scene, you may want to check out what this guy did to make the tape cassette relative to the Scratch DJ world.

May we introduce the ScrubBoard. Jeremy Bell has taken a couple of old tape players and turned them into something amazing. He has removed the tape heads in the cassette players and laid the tape out on a couple of boards so that you can control the readers from the tape deck with your hands. By doing so, you can control the sound from the actual tape and perform all the same cool tricks that Scratch DJs do! Plus, it doesn’t require a mixing board or crossfader since the tape board is lined up in parallel to one another. In the video, Jeremy demonstrates how the scrub board is made and how it works. This blew our minds! We don’t really see it catching on as the new modern-retro way of scratching, but it is very creative and pretty cool to watch.

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