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The Comprehensive Guide To Why Dance Music Needs Harm Reduction

In the wake of the second night of FreakNight being canceled, it would behoove us to look at the ways that we can better protect ourselves and our friends from tragedy. With EDM being so popular, the outside looks at us as a drug culture abusing substances like molly and ecstasy. Unfortunately that stereotype has been imprinted on the new comers who don’t have any familiarity with those drugs. Drug dealers have capitalized on this and have been peddling substitutes for those drugs.

Oftentimes it’s bath salts, PMMA, research chemicals, and a whole host of drugs that are far more dangerous than molly or ecstasy. We at Dance Music Northwest do not condone the use of illegal substances, but we do recognize the need for education as a deterrent to harm. What we want to do is show you common sense practices from festivals and organizations around North America that are having a serious impact on harm reduction. With that information, we hope you become a participant in keeping our culture safe and healthy.


The first thing we need to do is give you some information on what these substitutes are that you can find here.

Now lets take a look at what is being done to better protect you from these dangerous compounds and the less than trustworthy strangers who peddle it to you as molly and ecstasy. Follow on to the next page and we can begin the lesson.