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Clubs, Massives, & Festivals: Which Do You Prefer?

For many dance music fans, it’s the live experience that initially drew us in. An unplanned trip to a club, a head-first dive into festival season, or a random ticket from a friend are all ways to get hooked, thanks to the variety of ways to experience dance music live. The seemingly constant growth of dance music has expanded not only the reach, but the size and style of shows that are incessantly vying for their share of our hard-earned funds. We know we’re going to be spending money on tickets and travel to these shows, and the growing number of options is making decisions difficult. When we’re deciding where to devote our dollars, the style and size of the show is of the utmost importance.

The variety of shapes and sizes of shows is continuing to grow, with great examples of that growth throughout the Northwest. Seattle’s wealth of venues is no secret, and even Eastern Washington has seen a variety of tours come through Spokane, Pullman, and Tri-Cities. From smaller tours, to one-day massives and outdoor festivals, we’re blessed with such a worry in the Northwest. But, tough decisions need to be made, and figuring out which type of show you prefer is a great way to get the most out of your experience.

Not a fan of a smaller venue with less personal space? Check out Paradiso, or Lucky. Favor a more intimate setting for your artist of choice? Head on over to Foundation, or Q Nightclub. From clubs to massives to festivals, there’s a way to connect to dance music live, for every type of person.

Clubs and smaller venues are great ways to get up-close with your favorite artists touring the Northwest. Thankfully, our corner of the continent is loaded with great venues. Vancouver, Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Boise, and more have all become regular tour stops for dozens of dance music artists and continues to do so as the genre grows.  These smaller shows are often more crowded, but for a few less bucks than massives or festivals, and (usually) a longer set from your headliner of choice, the reduction in personal space can be dealt with.

Maybe a solid club show just isn’t enough to scratch your itch. Should that be the case, a massive might be a better fit. Generally held at a larger venue, and featuring a lineup with a bit more clout than your average artist’s tour, massives  take place on a singular day with more than a few artists (or stages). Shows like Safe In Sound, Mad Decent Block Party, DirtyBird BBQ, Resolution, and Lucky are just a few examples of massives that have caught many Northwest dance music fan’s attention.