Chris Lake and CID Set to Raise the House for Elevate Saturdays

The weekend festivities are almost here, and it’s about that time to set up our evening plans. Foundation Nightclub’s weekly themed evenings, Resonate Friday and Elevate Saturday are bringing diverse talent to the northwest. Artists such as Porter, Madeon, Rezz, Malaa, Doctor P, and GRiZ are just a few of the talented acts that have been at Foundation over the last few months. This weekend, we are lucky enough to have Chris Lake with special guest CID, and opener Matthew Hart, take the stage for Elevate Saturday.

Scottish artist and producer, Chris Lake is known for his genre-bending house and bass sound. He first stepped out on to the scene over a decade ago, and continues to create relevant and popular tracks.

In the last year, Chris Lake has released several singles and remixes. His most recent release, Operator (Ring Ring) featuring Dances with White Girls, is a track that has been a common addition within house sets this year. Lake also paired up with Chris Lorenzo to collaborate on the track The Calling, which also was a favored deep house anthem of the year. Other favorites by Chris Lake include Stranger, his remix of Jess Glynne’s Hold My Hand and collaboration Stomper with Anna Lunoe. We’re definitely looking forward to hearing some of our favorite house tracks this weekend.

New York based DJ Carlos Cid, better known as CID, is taking the stage prior to Chris Lake. Cid’s passion for music started at a young age, and that heart is reflective in his tracks. CID has had a variety of releases this year including two collaborations with Kaskade, Sweet Memories and Us, which seamlessly blend Kaskade’s traditional sound with CID’s house beats.



CID also has several re-works, such as No! based on the classic R&B track No Scrubs, as well as Together based off the Brass Connections song Got Myself Together. Other favorites include Automatic, and the deep house melody Love is Blind (which also sparked my personal interest in the genre). CID’s blend of bouncy, uplifting house and heavy deep house will resonate to our ears, which makes us enthusiastic for what will be in store for us on Saturday.

You can get Tier II tickets here for $22.15 after taxes. Will you be at Foundation the 17th, and if so, who are you most excited to see? If not, what other fun weekend festivities will you attend around the northwest? Let us know in the comments below!