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Chris Bushnell Takes Scene By Storm With Remix of “Utopia”

Chris Bushnell is an up and coming name in the dance music industry. Currently working out of Orlando, Florida Bushnell has formed roots within the city through his longstanding residency at The Attic Orlando nightclub.

In the last three years, Orlando Florida has produced a handful of immensely talented up-and-coming producers/DJs including DallasK, Henry Fong, KillaGraham and NYMZ. Coming up alongside these guys, Chris Bushnell knows firsthand what it takes to get to the next level. His original production work combined with his distinctive high-energy, feel-good sets have gotten the attention of artists and industry tastemakers throughout the Southeast.

With Chris Bushnell’s recent performance at the 2014 CounterPoint Music Festival  in Kingston Downs, Georgia, it is evident that his talent will soon expand past the Southeast. Henry Fong, who recently played at Foundation Nightclub, has rapidly acquired a strong following in the Northwest. It would be no surprise if Chris Bushnell was to follow closely in his comrades footsteps as another Orlando native to listen for. Take a listen to Chris Bushnell’s Utopia Remix and take advantage of the free download. This is a name that will be sure to be heard from the Southeast, Northwest and beyond.