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Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down” Covered in Emotional State Farm Commercial

"You can lift the weight of caring, by doing."

In a world so saturated with the static of media, it’s rare nowadays that a television commercial—or any advertisement for that matter—grabs us with authenticity and makes us listen. But, this is exactly what the new State Farm commercial does and, shockingly, it’s because of The Chainsmokers. The widely known insurance company recently launched a campaign focused on turning “caring into doing,” and the commercial features a tune that we all know, the Grammy-winning single Don’t Let Me Down.

It’s likely that the mere mention of the track’s title has the catchy chorus and drop playing in your head at this very moment; however, the version used for this ad is not the one everyone is immediately familiar with. Joy Williams, formerly of the folk band The Civil Wars, beautifully covers the song in such a haunting manner that the entire piece takes on a brand new meaning; her pristine voice breathes life into the lyrics and makes us all take pause.

Even The Chainsmokers themselves are moved by the campaign, tweeting out:

Do you like the bare bones cover by Joy Williams, or do you like the original as is? Tell us what you think in the comments!