Calvin Harris Helps Gets Rid of Plastic Straws

It is no secret plastic is harmful to the environment. According to the Smithsonian: “A 2015 study found that roughly eight million tons of plastics make it into the ocean each year…Many seabirds and other marine animals chow down on the colorful bits, mistaking the plastic for food.” Many items are made out of plastic, and some of the worst are one-time use plastics, such as, cups, plastic utensils, and straws. People use it once, usually for a short time, and throw it away.

But when it comes to the environment, many people are making big changes to their lifestyle. From what they consume, wear, use to clean, eat, and so forth. McDonalds recently announced that in September they will start transitioning to paper straws at their U.K. and Ireland stores. And guess who is next to eliminate plastic straws? Calvin Harris and Hakkasan Group.

“My friend and tour photographer Conor McDonnell has been working closely with the World Wildlife Fund and has been sharing his first-hand experience of the damage plastic waste is doing to the environment. We want to reduce the impact of harmful plastics, so we decided to take action. I am grateful to Hakkasan Group for supporting us and helping us make a difference, I hope other venues in the city and around the world will do the same,” Harris said in Variety

This is a huge and important move. It will be interesting to see who else advocates for getting rid of plastic straws.  Remember you too can do your part. From your everyday living, going out and even attending festivals. Everything helps.

What do you do to help the environment?