BT Reworks Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘Northern Lights’

Two legends within their own genres have created a new powerful track. BT remixed Washington’s own Death Cab for Cutie, Northern Lights, and it is great. Death Cab for Cutie was honored when BT approached them about reworking their 2018 track. And one of the best parts is the mutual respect BT and Death Cab for Cutie both seem to have for each other, and the music.

Being fans of both these artists separately made us a little apprehensive to hear the remix, but everything worked beautifully together. Benjamin Gibbard’s voice along with BT’s powerful production brings so much emotion, and a new dynamic to an already strong track. BT and Death Cab for Cutie have created such amazing work in their careers that being able to hear their music come together is powerful.

Take a listen for yourself, and let us know what you think of BT’s remix of Northern Lights on our Facebook and Twitter.