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Seattle Local Broshi Drops Three-Track Release “EP.01”

Broshi, a local artist from Seattle made his debut this week with a three-track EP, and it is a solid first release. Though we don’t know much about the newcomer, we are excited to see more local music coming out of Seattle. Each track sheds light on what he is capable off, along with bringing a ton of energy.

The first track Go does a good job of easing us into his EP, but then brings the party. You get the feeling from the track that Broshi is a good time. But don’t let that good time feeling fool you, Broshi has some talent packed into those three tracks. Go gets you going for his second track, Serpentine. With Serpentine you just want to get down, and honestly we can’t stop moving. Broshi has a way of making you feel like you can (and should) dance like no one is watching. With his third track, Energy there is a little more surprise and play. Energy gets a little darker and shows a different side of Broshi.

Make sure to check out Broshi’s EP and stay tuned for what is next.