Borgore is no stranger to the Pacific Northwest. In just the last two years, he’s headlined the Showbox with Krewella, the Paramount with Steve Aoki, and even the mainstage at Paradiso (with an appearance at Freaknight 2012 to boot). Something keeps pulling everyone’s favorite cake-loving ‘gorestep’ DJ up to our neck of the woods. But what exactly is it? Leading into our imminent interview, Borgore was more than happy to lend some insight.

I think I love Seattle for the same reasons everyone loves it, Kurt Cobain, coffee and free spirit chicks.

It’s been a quick rise to fame for the Israel-born producer. He achieved instant EDM fame upon the release of the ahem… dessert-centric Decisions, and since then has risen straight to the top of the bass music world. Capped off by his signing on with Dim Mak records, it’s safe to say that Borgore has officially arrived.

His latest single Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse touches on everything we could possibly want. Heavy bass and mythological creatures combine ever-so-perfectly to bring us a track that we can’t wait to hear echo through the walls at Foundation Nightclub this Friday. A healthy enthusiasm for all things internet helped fuel the creativity behind the new track, paired with some helpful insight from the man himself.

Unicorns and zombies goes so well together for the same reason cars, space, and pizza works so well together. The Internet.

Be prepared to strap yourselves in this weekend, because we’ll be getting a healthy mix of Borgore classics and selections from his upcoming album, New Gore Order (set to release this June).