Billy Idol

Remixes of Billy Idol by Shiba San, Paul Oakenfold, Moby, and More!

Some of your favorite classics are getting an electronic revamp! On the newest album Vital Idol: Revitalized , electronic music artists created their own rendition of classic songs from the icon, Billy Idol. We’ve been really enjoying the new compilation of electronic remixes; our personal favorites are by Paul Oakenfold and Shiba San (Dirtybird, Basement Leak, Relief).

Paul Oakenfold’s remix of One Breath Away is progressive and groovy, with an awesome deep house influence. The percussion balances with nostalgic synths and tasteful vocal processing techniques.

“I’ve been a fan of Billy Idol for years. One of rock and roll’s great entertainers.” (Paul Oakenfold, Billboard)

Shiba San’s remix of Don’t Need a Gun on the other hand is a completely modern, smashing tech-house roller. It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear this track in a set from Shiba sometime soon. We love the big build that leads into the final drop and mix out; the production prowess demonstrated in this remix is impressive.

“To remix one of one of Rock n Roll’s biggest legends, Billy Idol, has been an honor. It was a special opportunity to work on such a classic song.” (Shiba San, Billboard)

Listen to the rest of the remixes here! There are some other pretty great songs on here like Flesh For Fantasy (St Francis Hotel Remix) and Save Me Now (Lost Dog Remix).

Which Billy Idol remix was your favorite? What classic artist would you love to see get an electronic remix album? Share your thoughts with us on social media!