Saying Goodbye To Beta Nightclub In Denver

2018 was filled with shocking events when it came to closing venues. In the PNW we had Foundation Nightclub shut down and also the announcement of the Showbox closing as well.

As for the folks in Denver, they are having a special venue closing down as well. Beta Nightclub closed its doors on Saturday, January 5thafter its last show.

Beta is favorite for Denver locals. It was voted #1 club in America by Rolling Stone and the 25 greatest clubs of all time by Billboard. Beta has been around for almost 11 years, creating many memories whether it is a first show, new friendships or special moments with your favorite song.

Photo: @sleepyiis_

On a Facebook post from Beta, they stated that they are going to “re-familiarize” themselves with their promise and motto for the club during the closing.

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