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New Baytek Track ‘Way Back When’ Brings Bass-House Twist

One of the many fun things about EDM as a genre is music is continually released on platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify. This week, we’ve got a release for you from Insomniac Events. The Aussie DJ and producer, Baytek stuns us with his newest track, Way Back When. If you love Malaa, his dark lyrics, and heavy sounding house, then this track needs to be next on your queue.

At a young and spry 21 years old, Baytek is producing heavy hitting tracks. His first EP Rise released in September. The EP contains three tracks, Rise, FYTW, and Chase (feat. ives), which blend a style of electronic and UK Garage sound. Baytek usually doesn’t stick to one genre, as is present in the bass house and UK garage blended track Way Back When.

Way Back When, released through Insomniac Events this month, has a dark, bass house style that is reminiscent of Malaa. The sharp, acoustic piano introduces the stage for the harsh, UK garage vocals. The drum line then has a heavy house, yet bassy feel full of wubs to make you dance. Scatter in some shrieking alarms and crisp percussion, and Baytek’s newest track Way Back When is an obvious dance floor weapon.

What do you think of Baytek’s latest song? What are some new releases from December that are currently on your playlists? Share your responses with us in the comments below!