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Bassnectar’s “Noise vs. Beauty” Available In All Its Streaming Glory

Today’s the magical day, where dubstep idol Bassnectar triumphantly returns with his brand new album, Noise vs. Beauty. Bassnectar’s new album went up on SoundCloud a day early, and boy is it already creating a buzz.  Noise Vs Beauty wasn’t supposed to reach our ears until today, but the pure bass glory that is Lorin’s new album dropped a day early! The album is powered by 15 vastly different and unique tracks, each more exciting and elevating than the next.

Lorin took a six-month break to stay home and produce the core of these tracks, but did he stop there? Absolutely not. Next he remixed them only using guitar, piano, and his own vocals. This step prepared the Noise Vs Beauty rough draft to be sent out to various groups, producers, singer/ songwriters and such, ultimately collaborating with more than 50 people. You can listen to Noise Vs Beauty on the SoundCloud embed above, and you can pre-order the album here!

Noise Vs Beauty