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Bass to the Face: A Night at Safe in Sound 2016

One of our favorite single-day northwest festivals, Safe in Sound, truly took WaMu Theater by force this weekend. After the show sold out last week, we knew it was going to be a wild time. With Borgore as the headliner, and supporting artists LAXX, San Holo, Feed Me, and NGHTMRE, we couldn’t wait to hear grimy, trappy, and funky hard hitting sounds. It was a night full of bass, and with PK sound in full effect, the building rattled all night. We’ve got to say, we really (REALLY) missed PK. There’s nothing like that crisp, body vibrating bass to get you in the mood for an awesome night.

LAXX was on stage when we arrived, and the bass was just beginning. LAXX’s style and brand of ‘twitch’ started off the night right. We heard some of our favorites, including his tracks Lawnmower and his remix of Jauz’s Rock the Party. Then, once his newest single Trash came on it was game over. The Never Say Die DJ provided us with a varying track list that carried the momentum into San Holo’s set.

San Holo was our second favorite of the night. He had a mixture of heavy hitting tunes that seemed more unique in comparison to LAXX and NGTMRE. When he dropped his remix of What’s My Age Again? the crowd went absolutely nuts (Blink-182 turned out to be a popular addition to multiple set lists). The Dutch producer played his newest track Still Looking, which released on his own (new) label, Bitbird in June. San Holo’s set spanned a variety of genre’s including trap and future bass to get us going. We couldn’t help but anxiously await for Feed Me though.

During the San Holo set, there was an incident where one or two people threw up in the middle of the dancing crowd. We know everyone has their moments, but we also want everyone to party safe, and it takes our part to do that by remembering the second R in P.L.U.R.R. Responsibility. We’re not entirely sure what we would do in that situation either, but, it’s important to remember that if you aren’t feeling well, it’s the perfect time to take a breather. Walk around, drink some water, or go meet the lovely Conscious Crew. They are great resources, and always looking to help.

When Feed Me took the stage it was everything we had hoped for (besides maybe a live set). He was definitely our favorite act of the night. Feed Me provided us with a bunch of funky, electro-dubstep tunes that had a distinctive sound in comparison to the other four headliners (and also the only headliner that did not play Hot Line Bling). We loved watching the green and other colored goblins, along with the eerie grinning logos spanning a multitude of colorful, bright backgrounds. The visuals for the entire set were engaging, enveloping, and left us in awe during our favorite songs. Feed Me concluded with his remix of Strobe in its full glory. People that immediately recognized the track were stoked it was the final song, and hearing it live was truly magical.  We hope Feed Me will make a (live) return to the northwest soon.

Following Feed Me we got a heavy dose of bass from NGHTMRE. He sampled a lot of tracks from some of our favorite artists, like a song off Excision’s newest album. The crowd was going hard on each drop, which made it really entertaining to watch from up above. People were dancing casually, and then instantly, from the stage to the bleachers, everyone was jumping. The picture below by Little Machine Productions captures one of those moments perfectly.


Little Machine Productions

NGHTMRE featured his popular song Need You with Dillon Francis, and that quickly hyped up the crowd. He knew how to carry the audience, and included an abundance of bass to continue the driving force into Borgore’s set.

Similarly to NGMTRE, Borgore played several songs that were popular in the festival track this year. In contrast though, Borgore carries a different energy with him that transitions well to the crowd. He really plays on ‘the booty’ and sexualized graphics, and the listeners were loving it. We heard some of our favorite classics including Kiss My LipsSyrup, and Nympho. All of these songs sounded 10x better on PK, as we could feel the wubbly bass vibrating through our bones and the building. These tracks, along with the varying trippy and sexy visuals kept up a vivacious energy until the very end of the set.

Overall, Safe in Sound got progressively harder and more bass heavy as the night went on. The crowd was fun, and there were quality vibes throughout WaMu theater. We are curious to see what Safe in Sound will bring next year, and we’re excited to see what these artists do next.

What were your favorite moments of Safe in Sound? Who was your favorite artist? Share your responses with us in the comments below!