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Illenium’s Ashes Tour Hits the Northwest this Winter

Over the past year, Illenium, also known as Nick Miller, has been gaining momentum in the dance music community. And for good reason. The Denver-based producer’s melodic remixes, such as the Chainsmoker’s “Don’t Let Me Down” (one of our songs of summer)  and Flume’s “Say It” are making rounds on various stations. His “Don’t Let Me Down” remix has reached over 50.9 million plays on SoundCloud, and that number will surely grow. It’s one of our favorite remixes of the song personally (along with Zomboy and Win & Woo).

Illenium also released his first full album Ashes in February of this year. It follows his traditional melodic style that pulls at our heartstrings. Ashes seeks to immerse us in a variety of emotional highs and lows. The album starts off calmly, but the driving momentum of the melodies make for some very powerful tracks. The album overall has a lot of depth that can be lackluster in electronic songs. It truly reflects on the feeling of closeness and pure human connection.

When asked about inspiration for the album Ashes, Nick said:

“I wanted to create something timeless. Music has this crazy way of coming into people’s lives and totally take their problems and struggles away for a moment. It lets people breathe and be in the moment while also taking them to a different reality. My hope is that this album does that and creates a bond with the listener and music forever.” 

The release of the album is bringing a subsequent Ashes tour, and we are lucky to get two stops in the northwest. The Ashes tour will stop in Portland on December 28, and Seattle the following night. Each of these pit stops are at great venues — Wonder Ballroom and The Showbox, respectively, and will make for an intimate performance. You can get tickets here for $29.07 after taxes and fees.