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Arty’s Set To Feature A Surprise Paradiso Appearance

Paradiso is almost upon us, and it almost seems impossible to get any more excited. The set times are available. The map of the venue is out (thank God we know where to find the water stations). But, for those looking for more live musicianship and local artistry, there’s a recent development to which you need to pay attention.

Namely, Ray Dalton’s guest appearance during Arty’s set.

Now, some of you may be asking “Who the hell is Ray Dalton?” That question is an absurd question, because while you may not recognize the name, you most certainly recognize his work. The Seattle singer-songwriter is best known for his powerful contribution to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Can’t Hold Us, belting out the beautiful vocal hook that’s more or less the reason everyone loves the song.

But, he’s a musician, not just a component of a hip-hop hit, and he’s got his own music that’s worth checking out as well. But, it’s his collaboration with Arty on an upcoming release, Stronger, that brings him to The Gorge this weekend. It’s Dalton’s first EDM song as well, and if it’s anything like his previous work, it’s going to be absolutely incredible.

So, this Saturday, June 27th, make your way to the main stage at 6:00. Not only will you get to hear a killer set from Arty, but you’ll get the chance to see a local legend in action. Plus, a performance from Ray Dalton should be enough to shut up your hipster friend that keeps whining about how “EDM isn’t, like, real music, man.”

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