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Arturia’s ‘V Collection 6’ is Another Amazing Edition of the Synth Library

It’s been about a year since we reviewed Arturia’s V Collection, one of the most comprehensive collections of plugins we’ve reviewed to date. Most of what we wrote back then goes for V Collection 6, but recently we’ve been designing some more sounds with the latest synths included in 6. There are tons of software synthesizers out there vying for the attention of electronic music producers. Instead of spending all your money building up a collection, Arturia’s V Collection is a fantastic opportunity to instantly power up your plugin arsenal. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable considering how many things you get!

We thought it would be suitable to do another installation of our ‘DMNW Demos’ series, just as we had done for V Collection 5. The Mini-Filter, Buchla Easel, and DX7 stood out to us with their extreme ease-of-use and magnificent sound. The Mini-Filter can be used as a standalone plugin and we had a lot of fun making that particular audio example.

Just like with the other synths included in the V Collection, the DX7 and its siblings have had thoughtful graphical updates for the digital studio computing environment. Arturia has impressive cross-platform capabilities and is supported by most major DAWs- plus their plugins are surprisingly CPU-friendly compared to a lot of other modeling plugins on the market that we’ve tested. Arturia’s V Collection 6 update offers well-rounded flexibility for anyone with the patience to master the deeper subtleties of its vast sonic options.

Getting the new update of Arturia’s V Collection is a decision you won’t regret. This collection provides unique reinventions of the classic instruments that will continue to make the music of the future.

We absolutely love this video that walks through the wide array of sounds capable of being produced with the collection.

Purchase Arturia’s V Collection 6 or check out the three new preamp and filter plugins

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