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Apple’s Shazam Acquisition Could Evolve Their Music Streaming Service

The rumors that Apple was attempting to acquire Shazam were not too surprising. After all, Shazam integrated with Siri three years ago, and now the question “Siri, what song is this?” has become more commonplace.
Sadly, the company hasn’t come close to reaching the amount of paying subscribers that their main competitor Spotify has. For example, in September, it announced that they had well over three million subscribers. Yet, their competitor reached double that amount of subscribers two months prior. Apple has some catching up to do if they want to remain competitive as a streaming music service provider.
What could the acquisition of Shazam mean for the company’s future in music streaming?
To start with, Shazam has over 100 million users every month. When Apple gains exclusive access to those users, their subscriber numbers will skyrocket. Additionally, the many years of user data that Shazam has gathered will be useful to the growth of the company. Only the future will tell how Shazam’s monthly user amount will benefit the company. Let’s not forget about the recent integration of Shazam with the popular app Snapchat. 
Lets face it: Apple made a good move here, and it’s going to be exciting to see what the future of the company holds. 
Do you use Shazam? Do you think Apple made a good move?