When the Anomaly Music Collective was created earlier this year, we were excited for what the future held for the more than 30 Northwest artists involved. In the few months since then, we’ve been treated to dozens of new, original tunes, and now we’re getting Anomaly-lead nights at our local venues.

Following the initial release from the group, Volume One, Anomaly has released a couple of more songs, and recently announced two Anomaly-themed shows. The first comes on June 21st at The Baltic Room, where local artists Sixfour, Clifford, and  Steve G will perform b2b2b as part of DnB Tuesdays. DnB Tuesdays is the longest-running weekly DnB night in the country, and we won’t be missing the opportunity for some of our Northwest-favorites to take the reigns next week.

If you can’t make it to that show, don’t fret, as a second Anomaly Takeover is slated for July 9th at Substation. Featuring eight acts off of the Anomaly roster, such as Hal-V & Spacecase, Treyis, Qreepz, and more, it’s a great way to get your fix of local tunes from local artists. We have dozens of quality local acts deserving of our attention, so we won’t complain about nights showcasing that talent, and can’t wait for more Anomaly-lead nights throughout the Northwest.

Let us know if you’ll be attending the Anomaly takeovers this summer, and how excited you are for more local tunes and shows! Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!