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All Of The Shambhala 2015 Live-Sets We’ve Found (So Far)

The never-ending list of incredible qualities that shines brightly on Shambhala Music Festival continues long after the festival ends. There’s plenty to enjoy and discuss regarding the festival itself, from the jaw-dropping lineups to the one-of-a-kind atmosphere, Shambs is doing it right. But, in a world full of live-sets and mixes from DJs of every sub-genre, there’s one more ace-in-the-hole that Shambhala Music Festival plays each Fall. The release of the live-sets from Shambs always includes some of our favorites from the entirety of festival season, and this year is already fitting right in with the quality of years past.

Although we’re still waiting for a few of the usual suspects, the artists who’ve released their Shambhala 2015 sets stack up just fine. Excision, The Funk Hunters, Stylust Beats, and more have uploaded their sets to Soundcloud for our listening pleasure, and we wish them a thousand “Happy Shambs” for doing so.

Waiting for this year’s lineup is as difficult as ever, and these sets help as much as anything. Check out all of the live-sets from Shambhala Music Festival 2015 that we’ve found so far, and re-live our favorite festival of the year with the official DMNW after-movie!

Scottie D @ The Village

Metafloor @ The Amphitheatre

Wood ‘n’ Soo @ The Fractal Forest

Breakfluid @ The Living Room

DJ Dubconscious @ The Living Room

Stickybuds @ The Fractal Forest

DJ Jazzy Jeff @ The Fractal Forest

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