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Alex Schulz Writes About His “Dirty Secret”

Alex Schulz has been establishing himself as a reliable producer of creative, quality content. We talked about his song U & I, but over the past month Schulz has put out a new slew of material. His most recent song, Dirty Secret, displays a firm mastery and comprehension of his own sound. Schulz’s ability to produce and alter his music feels impressive but when it comes to the world of EDM he still struggles to be seen. In Dirty Secret, Schulz puts his friendly, bouncy, beats front and center and gives his hushed, back-beat clicks time to grow. Vocal snippets and use of Thriller-esque narration throughout the song gives off the feeling that there’s something you’re not getting let in on.

This song, while his most impressive (so far), is only awarded the title because Schulz stretches past displaying the mastery of his own particular sound in order to convey a message to the listener. What is that message exactly? It’s a dirty secret. Download it for free here.


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