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Alan Walker: “When I am working on new songs I try to not compare it to Faded”

Many of us in the states are still new to seeing the name Alan Walker on lineups, but in Europe and Asia, it’s a whole new different story. With hit songs Faded (certified platinum in 10 countries), Tired, and Alone, you can find this Norwegian DJ at the top of the dance music charts and selling out huge venues.

We all heard Faded being played at Paradiso last year, set after set. But this year, the man himself, Alan Walker, took main stage at Paradiso for the first time, blowing the crowd away. We had the opportunity to chat with Alan right before his set about new music, performing in the states, and the pressure for creating another hit.

DMNW: You just recently started touring in the States, what is your favorite part about the U.S so far?

Alan Walker: Well, it’s a lot warmer than Norway, my home country. But, I really like the spirit of the people here, people are so open about everything and anything, and I love the American audience.

DMNW: If you were not making music right now, what career path would you have taken?

AW: Ah I don’t know! But, before I started working in music full time, in between times I was working at the grocery store or maybe going to the military. Either one of those probably!

DMNW: What genre of music inspires you the most that is not EDM?

AW: Movie soundtracks. Classic stuff like the piano and relaxing music pretty much.

DMNW: We were at EDC last week and watched your performance. You played a new track, a new version of Spectre?

AW: Yes, it is called The Spectre, it is a newer version of my old song Spectre. It’s like what I did with Fade to Faded.

DMNW: What would you say are the biggest differences between performing in the U.S vs Europe and Asia?

AW: Oh, that’s very hard. I feel like it’s pretty much the same, wherever you go. The major difference in Asia is the whole EDM community. It is up and rising and it is still very new. They are still getting the touch of it, they are evolving.

“I really like the spirit of the people here, people are so open about everything and anything, and I love the American audience.”

DMNW: When Faded came out, it took over the internet. You heard it everywhere. Do you feel the pressure to create something as big as Faded again?

AW: I think creating something like Faded again is very hard. When I am working on new songs I try to not compare it to Faded because I think that can make me feel like, “Oh this is not good enough” and what would be good enough, I might have scratched if I had that mindset and loose that opportunity. I try to avoid thinking about it whenever I am working on new stuff.

DMNW: What can fans look forward to? New music? New projects?

AW: Well, for 2017 we just released the Tired remixes. I’m releasing one more and it’s actually my own remix of Tired. So far it is not 100% done, but I almost finished it all in New York. But it’s pretty cool because I want to give Tired the “Walker Vibe.” Other than that, there are more singles coming out. There’s The Spectre and more trilogies like that such as Alone, Tired, and a couple more. They are going to be on YouTube.

DMNW: This is your first time performing in Washington. We are so happy to have you in the Pacific Northwest. Any last words you want to add?

AW: I’m really excited to perform and I’m really excited to experience the audience down here! It’s crazy warm here haha!

It might not be too long of a wait for Alan to make an appearance back in the Pacific Northwest. Up and Up Festival is bringing Alan to four U.S. colleges this year based on student ticket sales. PNW colleges, get ready!

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